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Secure Application Services

High performing, scalable, exceptional mobile infrastructure

Available, stable and rapidly responsive

With more digital services, rocketing mobile traffic and massive amounts of cashless transactions enabling the global economy, future-proof your applications infrastructure to ensure no downtime.

Diginius is an authorized partner of


High-performance, high-throughput, agile.

Support tens of millions of users while ensuring exceptional user experience.

Enable seamless integration of data centers local or abroad into the existing infrastructure with array of global server load balancing functions 

Ensure high availability of applications, access relevant applications securely with no delays.

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  • High availability and business continuity for applications with advanced layer 4–7 load balancing

  • Faster response using servers with optimal traffic distribution through intelligent traffic management

  • Market-leading SSL/TLS performance and Application acceleration techniques

  • Unified management to integrate and automate applications across multiple clouds


  • Ensure availability of services to legitimate users.

  • Minimizes damage to users with industry’s only 5-level adaptive policy escalation

  • Zero-day attack protection with machine learning


  • Scale concurrent sessions to multi-billion levels and throughput to multi-terabit levels in a scale-out cluster

  • Highly flexible advanced security at strategic locations in the mobile network


  • Maximize security performance, availability and scalability with advanced network security platforms including NGFWs, NGIPS, DLP, AV, and ATP systems, enabling you to inspect encrypted traffic

Equipped with a deep understanding of your environment needs, we not only ensure a smooth migration, we empower you with future-proof infrastructures, multi-cloud transformation and 5G readiness. Reduce your OPEX on expensive hardware and maintenance costs - reinvest your savings into innovation to deliver greater solutions. 

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